Wood Imitation

●Woodec PE: Thermosetting polyester paint with wood pattern, that gives the appearance of natural wood, for architectural decoration. Suitable for interior and exterior applications such as, wall cladding, false ceilings, flashings, doors & windows, garden sheds etc. Available in specific colors. Nominal thickness: 35μm.
Guarantees: ≤10years for corrosion, ≤10years for flaking, ≤5years for aesthetic appearance.
Gloss(at 600):20
Salt spray:360h
Corrosion resistance category:RC3
Condensation resistance:1000h
UV resistance category:RUV4

Note: Woodec can be produced in various types of coating compositions, with perspective characteristics, according to the field of applications. For further information, contact our sales department.

(*) Full technical description at Downloads

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