The name of ISOBAU HELLAS SA is so far widely considered as a synonymous to the insulated panel, since the company, founded in 1982 is the pioneer industry of sandwich panels in Greece.
During its long history, ISOBAU has contributed to the construction of the most important public and private projects, constantly improving its products and services. The company’s development was based on a wide spectrum of Investments, of which a landmark is the installation of a new Steel Coating Line, that was completed in September of 2009.
This investment marks the expansion of the company in the field of pre-painted steel, with one of the most modern and highly specified steel coating lines in Europe.
Our ambition is to make the difference from the big steel coating lines, that usually cover the needs for large quantities which are based on a large-scale schedule.
The differentiation of ISOBAU is based on the special advantages of the coating line – Flexibility, Short Delivery Time, High European Quality – that offer us the ability to fulfill the market need for special products, such as: rare colors, various types and specifications of paint, exceptional orders in small quantities, slow moving products etc.

The advantages of our coating line turn to direct benefits for our clients and are summarized as follows:
  • The flexibility of the production line combined with the short delivery time, helps our clients to reduce their stock level, and the storage cost, since ISOBAU can offer the exact quantity they need (even the very small ones) and deliver it immediately.
  • ISOBAU enables its clients–especially those in the near countries - to send their own galvanized coils, to paint them in any color or any type of paint. This is an additional help for the liquidity of our clients, because they can stock galvanized coils instead of much more coils of pre-painted steel in various colors.
  • The excellent quality based on the modern technology of facilities, the perfectly trained scientific personnel of ISOBAU, as well as the exclusive cooperation with the supplier of paint (Beckers, France), guarantees product reliability, in accordance with the European Standards.
The utilization of these advantages is inextricably tied to the Vision of ISOBAU which is to contribute to the evolution of pre-painted steel products and further of steel construction industry, in terms of Quality and Aesthetic.

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